Leather Art portfolio

Over the years we constantly work to improve our skills by attending classes and trying our hand at different leather patterns with different techniques. This page is a collection of most of the different pieces since the first one in 2019, the “Breaking Out Eagle”. While still under construction as the page progresses we will have galleries for each item showing progress pictures to the final result. Some have more than others because, well, sometimes we forget to take pictures when we get so invested in the project! We hope that you enjoy looking through our work.


The “Breaking Out Eagle” first started life as a tattoo! Originally brought to life by the legendary Robb Barr and continued on by the great Jim Linnell. I took this class, in person, at Elktracks Studio in Venus, Tx as my very first extreme embossing class ever and I was hooked! The following collections show off the subsequent classes I have attended and projects I have completed.

Buffalo Skull and Mount

This beautiful buffalo skull was made completely from leather!!! Ok, maybe with a little glue and paint as well….  I actually had someone look at a picture of the skull by itself and say, “What’s the big deal? It is just a buffalo skull.”  Someone once told me that is the ultimate compliment of this type of leather work. If someone cannot differentiate between the real thing and your leatherwork then you must have done well!

Koi Fish

This Koi fish is the product of my first class with Jurgen Volbach, one of the premier leathern workers in Europe! He makes it a point to stop at Elktracks Studio to share his knowledge of leatherworking while in the United States. I learned a very important lesson from Jim Linnell and Jurgen while in this class concerning fixing your mistakes! I will point it out inside with the individual pictures affected.

Koi Fish & Leather Frame

This Koi fish pattern was drawn up by Jurgen Volbach and published in the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal. I completed the pattern then decided it needed a little more. I added the black leather as a frame then made a stand out of leather as well!

Embossed Lion

This lion was in a series of classes that Jim Linnell did at Elktracks Studio and was unfortunately that only one that I was able to attend. This one was very well received to all that it was shown! I loved making this one and as always learned a few things to apply on future projects.

Horned Toad

A Jim Linnell class that tested the imagination! I jumped on the chance to make a Horned Toad out of leather when this class was offered. As a resident of Texas the Horned Toad is special to all. If you are old enough you remember seeing them everywhere but these days sightings are few and far in between. I will always have one I can find as long as this piece is in my collection.

King Grizz

Based on a watercolor picture and born from the imagination of Jim Linnell. This three piece project was a blast to make. I learned new techniques and tested my painting skills with this one.

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